It is a quite impressive logic puzzle video game in which the player’s ultimate task is to provide an answer in a given amount of time to complete the quiz. It may sound easy but is hard to complete. The majority of the question is multiple choice there are plenty of surprises along the way. The gameplay is almost the same just like its previous installment where the player has to provide multiple answers to the questions to win cash prizes.

In Multiplayer mode, the player can play against his friends and enjoy the exciting game together. The game offers you a chance to unleash your creativity and go on a quest to find Aki Awards. Akinator includes prominent features such as Keep on Guessing, Unleash your Creativity, Aki Awards, Endless Gameplay, and more.

Akinator Vip V8 2.0

To start the game, you have to input your name and age, and after that, you can compete against four players in three different contests. Each round has a limit of time to answer. The game rewards you with points as you give the correct answer. Each question has four possible options, and you have to select one of them to answer the question. To get into the game, you have to input your age and nickname. Play with up to four players in a set of rounds and answer the challenging questions by selecting the correct choice from different options.

  • For example, it may play a dog barking and tell you to associate the word “ocean” with the dog barking sound.
  • If you think of any DB character, it can figure it out the majority of the time .
  • There are still rankings that it can improve, such as “trivia” at #64, “mind puzzles” at #28 and “mental games” at #29.
  • MeBoy 2 brought support for sound and transferring games with Bluetooth.
  • The whole premise is supposed to be showing how amazing this genie is by his ability to guess your character.

Xavius – Guessed Archimonde, which is pretty close, but still wrong. Got some guy I’ve never even heard about. List appeared, but he wasn’t on it refer to this site, so I submitted it. Khan Noonien Singh – Got that one after just over 20 questions. This is a clever bit of code, but the real impressive force here is the goddamned internet, who’ve fed it enough data to get to this point.

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