You don’t need a licence or any other requirements to use a dash cam. Dash cam videos can be timestamped in a way that’s tamper-proof, making them a great source of evidence for any kind of road incident. We hope we can help you find the perfect dash cam for your car. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can reach us through our contact form.

Thanks to the program at hand, you will be able to know in advance about possible traffic jams and other obstacles. Do you often have to be in other cities, and you have already repeatedly roamed on unknown routes in search of the desired place? Download one of the best apps for route tracking to your smartphone and no longer waste your time on the wrong trajectory, as well as personal money – to buy standard maps of this or that city. Yellow Cabs have been working to support drivers, their families and the community since 1924. In addition to customizing our taxi and buying new vehicles, we can also choose our driver. The 3D graphics are pretty decent and fairly realistic, and the game is, all in all, quite entertaining.

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Six technologies are converging on the transportation industry, and investors have taken note. Venture investors put $5.7 billion into transportation businesses last year, more than twice the level of investment in the previous two years combined. But other startups also raised significant funds, like GrabTaxi ($334 million), Lyft ($250 million), BlaBlaCar ($100 million), and INRIX ($65 million).

  • Alternatively, take the Heathrow Express train to Paddington.
  • Drivers arriving midday can pull in directly to the main lot to pick up the food.
  • This was the first time that a collision resulted in injuries.
  • Global trends of the MIT study highlight that, overall, people prefer to save the lives of humans over other animals, prioritize the lives of many rather than few, and spare the lives of young rather than old.
  • The continuous development in the smartphone provides great opportunities for top game developers to hit the Google Play Store with their best lot.
  • All you need is, get it customized and make it available on your website as well as on play stores.

In addition, while staying at Red Lion Inn and Suites Brooklyn guests have access to newspaper, baggage storage, and express check-in and check-out. Parking apps can help you find where the closest empty spaces are. Our app shows you parking nearby and even lets you know what kind of spaces they are. When parking bays are made larger, you can’t fit as many spaces in. If you’ve no choice but to use two spaces, buy two tickets to avoid a parking penalty.

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Many companies provide different kinds of Cheap Minicab Insurance policies to save their clients and drivers. So, by using an appropriate vehicle you can save yourself and your language against any accident or robbery. Benefits of Traveling Through a Minicab from the Airport – Many companies provide different kinds of Cheap Minicab Insurance policies to save their clients and drivers. Insurance for minicab drivers can very difficult to source competitively. This is very vital to get a Minicab Insurance Quote which exactly reflects your precise requirements.

The history of the driverless car industry has been one of bold promises, high-profile fiascos, and general uncertainty about the future. Prior to this accident, an Uber car with driverless technology struck a pedestrian as she walked outside of a crosswalk at night. This fatal collision led to Uber suspending all of its self-driving operations indefinitely. Below, we’ve laid out the most high-profile accidents to take place in the driverless car industry so far. With so many companies hoping to launch self-driving services and ramp up testing in the next couple of years, driverless car tech must be up to the challenge to avoid a rise in accidents as a result. At the Hamburg Airport in Germany, VW car owners can simply drop off their cars in front of the garage and activate a smartphone app; the car then self-drives to a free parking space, using its GPS and cameras to navigate.

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