Koala Games has developed an interesting “idle” role-playing game called Nonstop Knight, Flaregame launched the game on the Google Play Store in 2016. In the past three years, this game has attracted more than five million downloads on the Play Store, and more than fifteen million installs on many other app stores. Recognizing the appeal of the game, the developers decided to make a sequel to Nonstop Knight, called Nonstop Knight 2. Nonstop Knight two – Action RPG is totally free to play and download, nevertheless, some sports items may also be bought for actual cash. In the event you do not need to utilize these attributes, please eliminate in-app purchases from your device configurations.

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In January I covered the announcement that Nonstop Knight 2 would be coming to Android before the year is out. Well, Flaregames has now made it clear that this action RPG is finally gearing up for a global release. Kopla Games created an enjoyable idle RPG called Nonstop Knight, and it was published on the Play Store all the way back in 2016 by Flaregames. Over the last three years, the title has amassed over five million installs on the Play Store and over fifteen million installs across multiple marketplaces. Well, it would appear the devs have a new project on the horizon, and it’s a direct sequel to Nonstop Knight. Today Flaregames and Kopla Games have announced that Nonstop Knight 2 will be coming to Android in 2019.

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The Google Play Store is full of games for Android of all sizes, styles, themes and sizes. But there are some that have a special charm, and that call our attention above the rest, and one of them was Nonstop Knight, a title of Flaregames, that it came to the app store the past year, 2016. Game systems in The Last Knight are very similar to other popular titles like Nonstop Knight and Almost a Hero.

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