This application will make use of Android Studio with the help of Java and XML for the front end. The users can view the images in different layouts as well. For this, Different layouts can be useful in the application. The users would need to register themselves on this application. After that, they can search the laws according to the categories or using keywords. This application will also show them how they can act if they are the sufferers and give information about the courts near them.

  • This application contains a collection of doa and zikir for muslim.
  • Like any service, there are a few limitations to Google Meet that you should know of including some for free users.
  • The Pomodoro technique is approachable because it is more about consistency than perfection.
  • This project will display many categories Waktu Salat like food, games, breakfast, etc. from which the user can select any one to display its contents.
  • Offering daily prayer is one of the most vital and essential duties that have to be performed as well as fulfilled by all Muslims worldwide.

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This online law system will contain all the laws under IPC so people can search for the laws according to the crime. This will help them understand the seriousness of the crimes and how to fight against it. Users would need to register themselves along with information like their age, height, weight, and gender. This will help in determining the BMI of the user and tell the users about the necessary water intake and the sleeping hours for them. Till now we have seen tons of android projects which are suitable for beginners and college students. In some of the android projects with source code, we have provided complete implementation as well.

For now, the app is compatible only for the Android operating handsets. For browsing the portal, standard data charges are applicable. Complete package of Islamic content and user can use this daily.

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Other prayers include the tahiyyat al-masjid, which Muslims are encouraged to offer these two rakat. While Sunni Muslims classify these prayers as sunnah, Shia consider them nafl. Nafl salah are voluntary and can be offered at any time. Many Sunni Muslims also offer two rakats of nafl salah after the Zuhr and Maghrib prayers. During the Isha prayer, they pray the two rakats of nafl after the two sunnah mu’akkadah and wajib prayers.

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