This will be a fairly simple thing for most Sonos users, but it gets a bit complicated if you have an older Sonos product that doesn’t support S2 integrated into your system. The Sonos S2 update, which was announced in March, is live right now. If you like falling asleep to music, you can get your Sonos speaker to play you a lullaby, or your version of a lullaby.

You can’t skip forward or go back when listening to a radio station. See Getting started when you’re ready to add a Playbar to your Sonos system. The Trade Up program will remain available to anyone who wants to upgrade to S2-compatible products when they choose.

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Insert the power cord firmly until it is flush with the bottom of the speaker. Use an Ethernet cable if you want to connect to a router, computer, or network-attached storage device . Release the button to turn voice control off again. When the light is on, voice control is on and you can use voice commands. Swipe right across the touch controls to skip to the next song.

  • I have projects using CP3’s with no problems controlling S2 products.
  • Once you’re all set up, you can start playing music either directly on your iPhone or iPad or by asking Siri.
  • The first – and easiest – is to simply remove the S1-only products from your system, leaving only S2-compatible speakers remaining.
  • I have two Sonos 1 speakers and a Sonos 3 speaker.
  • For Sonos Radio HD, you must be using the Sonos S2 app and operating system.
  • The trade-up program still exists, and customers who own eligible legacy products can get the same discount, but they’re no longer required to permanently brick devices that might still work just fine.

Listen to thousands of stations for free on your system, including live radio from around the world and exclusive programming from Sonos. With upgraded audio processing, Sonos S2 supports higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theatre, including Dolby Atmos. Get hands-free help from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Sonos continues to offer a significant discount on new hardware for owners of these aging legacy devices as a way to move them forward onto S2 without complications. The Google Assistant will use your default music service when playing to Sonos. To change this, open the Google Home app and tap Settings.

It can be placed in front of a standing TV or wall-mounted. Sonos will release a specialized mounting unit ($79) that uses magnetic sensors so it knows if it’s mounted or not. It has a single HDMI eARC or ARC connection, so setup should be super simple. It’s also a smart speaker, just like the Beam, so you can control it with your voice using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. This increases the range of your Sonos system and ensures that you’ve got great connectivity no matter how large your home or how many WiFi devices you use.

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