The Hornet proved to be effective but limited in combat radius. The concept of an refer to this web page enlarged Hornet was first proposed in the 1980s, which was marketed by McDonnell Douglas as Hornet 2000. The Hornet 2000 concept was an advanced F/A-18 with a larger wing and a longer fuselage to carry more fuel and more powerful engines.

The F-14 has flown safely with an asymmetrical wing-sweep during testing, and was deemed able to land aboard a carrier if needed in an emergency. The first is that weaponry can be fitted on a pylon on the fixed wing glove, liberating the wings from having swiveling pylons fitted, a feature which had proven to add significant drag on the F-111B. Since less of the total lifting area is variable, the center of lift moves less as the wings moves, reducing trim drag at high speed. When the wing is swept back, its thickness-to-chord ratio decreases, which allows the aircraft to satisfy the Mach 2.4 top speed required by the U.S.

F18 Airplane Simulator 3d For Android

This name was chosen to distinguish the newer variants from the legacy F-18A/B/C/D Hornet and avoid confusion during carrier deck operations. Beginning in 1992, the F404-GE-402 enhanced performance engine, providing approximately 10% more maximum static thrust became the standard Hornet engine. Since 1993, the AAS-38A NITE Hawk added a designator/ranger laser, allowing it to self-mark targets.

This new android flight simulator will challenge you to practice landing and taking off your airplane. The challenge of this flight sim 3D game is that you have a limit amount of time to get your commercial airplane safely on the ground. And landing and take-off is not all you need to learn with this 3D flight game, there is also a need for aircraft pilots that know how to taxi there airplane to the airport, and airport hangar.


Are you looking for a game that can let you plat the advanced and fully equipped fighter jet through the skies? If your answer to this question is yes, then you can learn to do all using the F18 Jet Fighter Simulator. This game can teach you fly like a pro Airforce plane pilot with the spark of thrill and action. The game offers huge variety of mission to keep the interest pf the players along with the dynamic lightening and sounds. It also offers realism with the enhanced weather conditions, explosion and smoke effects. With the ratings of 4.1 stars, Strike Fighters is next on our list of the top 5 best fighter jet games.

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  • The AMAZING F-22A Raptor was also designed to have a decreased infrared signature, acoustic signature, radio emissions and reduced visibility to the naked eye.
  • Although this list details the top flight simulators, F18 Carrier Landing II is actually more about making advanced military aircraft land on a carrier’s 150 meter landing strip.
  • Land on carriers and normal landing strips in different weather conditions and daylight settings.
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Also, it has a content rating of Everyone 10+ from which one can decide if it is suitable to install for family, kids or adult users. F18 Fighter Flight Simulator is an Android Simulation app that is developed by i6 Games and published on Google play store on NA. It has already got around so far with an average rating of 3.0 out of 5 in play store. Video ads are not only irritating, they actually waste your time. Free ad blocker for Windows that can block all kinds of ads. You will be redirected to the author website to complete the download.

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