The bronze rider stood by Mnementh’s huge wedge-­shaped head, politely awaiting the arrival of the Hold Lord. F’lar idly gazed down the valley, hazy with warm spring sunlight. He ignored the furtive heads that peered at the dragonman from the parapet slits and the cliff windows. Was there even one Lord in Pern who maintained his rocky Hold in observance of the ancient Laws? When this Search was over and the Impression made, there would have to be a solemn, punitive Council held at the Weyr.

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  • Moore left the project when the dreaded “creative differences” monster reared its ugly head.
  • F’lar then states they will use the distance-viewer at Fort Weyr first to find some good jumping co-ordinates for the dragons, and then they will send a group to explore.
  • This is of course based on availability of table space; the Area Event Coordinator will be glad to help you.

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