This badly weakened the Imperial hold of this sector and the garrisoning forces became helpless when Queen Apailana ignited a sector wide revolt. Nah, there’s some great stuff during the pre clone wars abs clone wars eras too. I strongly recommend Clone Evolution as good role playing software. With over 2m+ and counting downloads, it is a safe game to download, install, and share with friends.

The Republic and the Confederacy are vying to be the dominant ruling body of the galaxy, and both sides commit millions of troops- Clones and Droids- in an effort to stop their foes. The Clone Wars are a time of turmoil and strife throughout the Galaxy. The number of alien Species affected by the war number in the thousands. In addition to those systems and Species that side with either the Republic or the Confederacy, a number of neutral Species, such as the Nelvaanians, are unwittingly drawn into the war. The Clone Wars polarize the galaxy, from Coruscant to Geonosis.

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Star Wars: The Nihil Have Begun Recruiting Children To Their Cause

Clone Armies APK

You should read a couple of the books, and come back and update this blog. I think debate and discussion is good but sometimes it is just better to enjoy the show for what it is. Also, how old is your child and should he be watching the show?

  • You need the mod apk to easily upgrade your armies and troops.
  • If you have already accepted delivery, you’ll have to contact us via email to proceed.
  • For installing, just copy silentarmy and sa-solver to the same directory.
  • The last remnants of the Confederacy, known as the Separatist holdouts, continued to fight the Empire.
  • Syndulla and his rebels resorted to executing a guerrilla campaign, periodically eliminating battle droid patrols in the region.

Kalani rebutted this, noting that there had been Republic loses during the conflict, before their combined forces engaged the Imperial walkers and stormtroopers. To take out one of the All Terrain Armored Transports, Bridger and Jarrus deflected blaster bolts into proton bombs, giving the rebels and droids their chance to flee. Though one of the battle droids’ shuttles was taken out, the rebel’s Sheathipede shuttle and the one containing Kalani and several B1 battle droids escaped the planet. Once off-world, both factions spoke via a hologram, and Rex and Kalani both agreed they had now all won the Clone Wars. Satisfied that the conflict was over, Kalani and his droids parted ways with the rebels, believing they would likely lose the war against the Empire.

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