Once you have added the points, drag them to the bottom half of the graph to make the video slow. You can also increase the speed by dragging the points on the upper half of the graph. Let Slow motion & Speed up Video help you create interesting, million-view videos on video sharing social networks. If you have already been using a slow-mo app on your Android phone that I didn’t mention in this list, do not forget to share the name of that app with us. I will surely check that and see if I can replace any of existing apps with that.

But the Slow motion video app especially develops for making slow motion videos. So, people are trying to install a Slow motion video app for laptop and desktop computers. It is simple to use, and any users can understand how the editing works. With the help of the Bluestacks emulator, you can easily install Slow motion video FX or any other android apps. So, if you need any help regarding installation, let us know.

Slow Motion Free

Now, you can either choose Backward or Forward option to create a slow motion video in desired direction. The video speed can be decreased up to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 of the original speed, at a time. One of the best and smartest slow motion video apps for Android, Androvid Video Editor is a full-fledgedvideo editorthat comes with asuite of tools. There is atrim optionthat you can use to apply the slow-motion effect on a particular part of the video. The original video will remain as it is, so don’t worry about ruining it.

  • It’s on-screen gestures diversify your playback experience.
  • Create slow motion and fast forwarded videos without any problem.
  • Free Slo-Mo Video Editor is a very handy video editor App with many features including slo-mo video capture.
  • At one time, people were under the impression that the apple version of the iPod and the iPhone was very slow when it came to the performance of the video apps.
  • The Rate Stretch tool allows you to click and drag a clip to an exact duration, and Premiere will adjust the speed to fit the duration.

iMotion HD is both time-lapse and slowmo cam for your iPhone 5 or earlier. The app lets you easily shoot HD 720 videos and export them to your YouTube channel. It’s easy to efficiently make a slow-mo effect on PC or Mac.

Top 2: Windows Media Player 11

Secondly, select an option from 0-1 for slowing the motion of your video. The best part is that you can change the motion and slow a part of the video instead of the entire video. You can make yourself jump, fly, disappear like ghosts or take off with a jet throttle. You can even change the background to be in a world of your own and yet there’ll be a lot left to explore. We hope you have fun in utilizing these apps and were able to create the desired content. It can clearly distinguish between audio and video interfaces for accurate user experience.

The split screen effect, also known as picture-in-picture effect or video overlaying, is the effect of showing Slow motion video FX download for android mobile apk two or more video streams at once in a give sequence. It’s a creative way to tell a story by showing multiple viewpoints. Please post a MediaInfo analysis of a typical video file for further assistance.

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