Whether you’re crafting the perfect headline for your sales page or writing a viral-worthy article, power words can take a headline from mediocre to irresistible. I hope it’s from excitement because now you’re armed with all the power words you need to turbo-charge your marketing, and have a few hundred in your arsenal. The best thing about power words is that there are hundreds to choose from. The power words “Cringeworthy” and “Poor” both elicit emotion, and their combination triggers curiosity (“Why are these notes so cringeworthy?”). These power words trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch, getting us to click on ads, share blog posts and buy from sales pages. Week 45 of posting new words I have come across.

  • Basketball is a popular spectator sport, and opportunities exist for playing in amateur leagues.
  • Very cold and very tall mean different things to different people.
  • The voice of the speaker can be lively, inspiring, engaging, emotional, and interesting.
  • Please see my reply to the original poster, I can’t replicate it in my versions of Word .
  • A true mobile app available only for mobile platforms, SpeakEasy is essentially a travel-friendly phrasebook to take with you.

The company has clean, air-conditioned vehicles traveling regularly between Manila and several cities, including Baguio and Banaue. Philippine Airlines makes scheduled flights to cities and important towns throughout the country. It is possible to arrange a one-day round trip to some places. Unemployment in metropolitan Manila is about twice as high as in rural areas and underemployment throughout the country is a serious problem.

Hairy Words 1

Word games, in and of themselves, can never replace a standard classroom curriculum. They can, however, be a great way to bring classroom learnings to life, really helping to solidify vocabulary among students. While some people might say that using a word finder tool is really a Scrabble® cheat tool, it’s really about finding the best possible moves to take advantage of the best possible opportunities. And, along the way, you’ll learn some new words, confirm your existing vocabulary, and brush up on your spelling too. That’s where you enter your letters, as many as 20 characters at a time if that’s what you want to do.

Google is notorious for this, sometimes taking a year or more to have their productivity apps take advantage of standard iOS functionality. Microsoft is doing a bit better here, but as mentioned already, they really intend for you to do things the Microsoft way, not necessarily the iOS way. One of the things that has made a lot of people dislike Word over the years is the obscene number of features the app offers.

International Parental Child Abduction

Conditions certainly were against the social or intellectual advance of the native race. It seems that similar parties of castaways from the Pelew and Caroline Islands had been known to reach Mindanao and other parts of the Philippines at an even earlier date. An Attempt to Colonize the Carolines.—Southeastward of the Philippines, in that part of the Pacific which is known as Micronesia, there is an archipelago of small islands called the Carolines. The westernmost portion of the group also bear the name of the Pelews, or Palaos. Inasmuch as these islands were eventually acquired by Spain and remained in her possession down to the year 1898, it may be well to state something at this time of the attempt made by the Jesuits in 1731 to colonize them. Ineffectiveness of These Restrictions.—These measures, while ruining the commerce of the Philippines, were as a matter of fact ineffective to accomplish the result desired.


Accordingly, other countries withheld recognition of Marcos. On 21 February 1986, a military revolt grew into a popular rebellion, urged on by Jaime Cardinal Sin. US president Ronald Reagan gave Marcos an offer of asylum, which Reagan guaranteed only if Marcos left the Philippines without resistance. As of 2005 a total of 83 had paved runways, and there were also two heliports. Ninoy Aquino International Airport, formerly Manila International Airport, is the principal international air terminal.

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