This may be easier with a circular mirror, which you may be able to find at craft stores or online. Just like the first mirror, this should be visible from the hole, and should face the other end of the carton at a 45º angle. At this angle, one mirror will reflect light directly down through the periscope, and the second will reflect it directly through the hole and into your eye. You will see this reflected light as an image of whatever is on the opposite hole of your periscope. Cut a hole on one side just big enough for a mirror.

But the good news is that there are a number of third-party alternatives that allow you to download Periscope broadcasts. The number of ways you can download Periscope videos has been listed below. You can use the search field in the upper-left corner, or open a non-live video from a streamer’s profile.You can’t download live videos since they’re still continuing to stream. For downloading videos on mobile devices, you can use GetVideo as well by following the same steps, but if you do not want to go ver this process, there is an app called Scpoedown. Periscope users have always wondered how to download videos.

Netflix App From The Google Play Store

The winner is the streamer who earns more diamonds by receiving gifts from the audience during the battle period. Instead, he talked enthusiastically about the people and the type of videos he sees on the app. Periscope also opened access to Periscope Producer to everyone, timed with Periscope community manager Lili Salzberg’s talk at Summit.Live. Any Periscope user now has access to use external sources such as streaming software, hardware encoders and professional cameras for their broadcasts. All of this work brings new video and audio features inside of Twitter, that’s in contrast to Periscope which has existed as a separate app for live video. Amid the expansion of its video/audio features in the Twitter app and increasing competition, it looks like Twitter may be planning to retire its live broadcasting app Periscope.

Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms and a very powerful digital distribution service. While Steam officially is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux, what about Chromebooks? It’s possible, though the experience isn’t perfect and there’s a few catches involved in the process.

How To Download Videos On Periscope On Pc Or Mac

Periscope for PCSo, get ready now I am going to share “how to download Periscope for window PC and laptop” (7/8/8.1 and Windows 10). You can send hearts to the broadcaster by tapping the Touch surface on the Siri Remote and read comments from other people watching with you. You can also share a broadcast you’re watching on Twitter or another platform by just copy and paste the link to your clipboard on a system! You’ll then be able to tweet out a link to the broadcast or share in an email, Facebook or other social media. If you don’t see the account you want to sign in with, you might not be logged into your Twitter account through the Twitter app or your Twitter settings.

  • This app is available for both iOS & Android and it’s already talk of the town among tech & digital marketing enthusiasts.
  • I do wish Periscope’s replay viewer let you scrub back and forth through the video.
  • Most laptops I have tested have severe limitations on their microphone jacks that completely destroy the sound Periscope of any good device.
  • The app lets you stream or watch streams either publicly or privately by creating groups.
  • And they were used in standalone cameras long before that.
  • Connect your account on a PC or mobile device using the code provided.

Getting hooked on the big and right brands and companies can earn you handsomely. If you want to make money on Periscope, it is essential to reach out to your audiences. Apart from the stream chats, you must share all your social handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with all your subscribers. Meerkat allows broadcasters to approve a cameo for up to 60 seconds on their own livestream.

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