Tool Items are Items that serve a purpose to the player. Prior to the Christmas Alpha, downed players could only be killed, and the death animation would reveal if they were a child or the Neighbor . After the Christmas Alpha, you can now help up anyone who is downed, but after a certain amount of time they help themselves up. You have to time this part carefully so you don’t get hit by the trolley, as it may be close to you when you get to this section. If you have trouble, wait for the trolley to reach you, then go right after it leaves.

  • He recently stopped going because she decided to go back to work full time.
  • Then, keep going in the lockers until you reach the exit door.
  • Something is happening in the basement of this suburban home, maybe it’s something terrible.
  • It really sucks because this game has a few things that work well, like its unique mechanics, a great art style, and good, measured horror.
  • When nearby, the player’s screen would become darker and shake violently, with a 3D anaglyph shadowing their view.
  • We closely follow the latest updates and news related to the game, you can find all this information on our website.

Theodore is on the phone with someone and Mya plays hide and seek with her brother. After one of their games, they go and eat dinner with the family. A few weeks later, after they’re done playing cops and robbers, they notice that Diane and Theodore aren’t home, and they get worried. Once the player reaches the end, a single large mannequin appears from the doorway before they can leave. It will stare at them for a moment, and then grab them.

Announcing Hello Neighbor 2

Throw some stuff at the golden apple paintings, and 1 of them opens the big golden apple painting. Go up to the no gun room, and open the door to your right. Glitch a shoe into the box with the lever inside. When it’s open, the neighbor has free run of his house.

Sets traps and cameras to take pleasure in you as much as change right into a cool contact. Child recreation lovers get full of empty slots to work with! Truly ponder thought of one in every of which particularly advises having a flashlight as you’ll want it to see. The fully completely different can protect any object so that you just’ve acquired an unneed gadget that it is best to use to throw at a fellow Hello Neighbor apk participant.

Random Games

You have to swing and climb your way up a mountain. However, you are stuck in a cooking pot and can only use your hammer to leverage your way forward. This is a clever take on the kids playground game “the floor is lava” where you try and get from one piece of play equipment to the next without touching the floor.

Once it is opened, head up the ladder, go to your left and through the hole in the roof leading to the bedroom. On a table is a keycard that will allow you to open the door. You’ll have to break your way out of this room to continue exploring your neighbor’s house. The first thing you need is the key to a different door within the house, one that houses the much-needed crowbar and lock-pick. However, this key may be the hardest item to get because the neighbor has it on his person. To get it you need to wait for him to fall asleep, walk up to him, grab it from his belt, and make a run for it.

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