If something happens out of a clear blue sky, it happens completely unexpectedly, with no warning. Without warning, suddenly, as in Her offer to help us with the fundraising came out of a clear blue sky, or We got a check from Aunt Ruby out of the blue. These metaphoric terms allude to something dropping unexpectedly from the sky. She seemed so surprised by the news that it must have come out of a clear blue sky. The image 1 shows the solar spectrum with the visible light portion shown in color. The only way you could plausibly get a bright perceptual green in the atmosphere is by frequency-dependent diffraction, the same phenomenon that gives you rainbows.

towards the horizon is a lighter, brighter cyan color. This is due to the larger amount of atmosphere, and the larger amount of scattered light, that is visible at low angles on the sky. Since scattering by the atmosphere causes the sky to be blue, a planet with no atmosphere cannot have a bright sky.

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There were serious doubts that the company could survive for long without dramatic changes. Good strategy, in contrast, works by focusing energy and resources on one, or a very few, pivotal objectives whose accomplishment will lead to a cascade of favorable outcomes. It also builds a bridge between the critical challenge at the heart of the strategy and action—between desire and immediate objectives that lie within grasp. Thus, the objectives that a good strategy sets stand a good chance of being accomplished, given existing resources and competencies.

  • I used a little Americolor Blue and a smidge of Leaf Green.
  • Whiteouts happen most frequently in spring and fall, when the sun is near the horizon.
  • The atmosphere is densest at the bottom, near the Earth.
  • Albeit note, I rang at peak time and it was answered very quickly.
  • You’re going to need some way of editing your photos.
  • 6) To get rid of that border we’ll start by clicking on the Sky layer then, on the top menu, click Layer and Duplicate Layer.
  • Again, you could stop at this point with these gentle, wispy clouds, but let’s move on and add some cloud shadows.

Although light from the Sun looks white, it is really made up of a spectrum of many different colours, as we can see when they are spread out click here in a rainbow. However, NOAA notes that the ocean may take on other hues, including red and green, if light bounces off objects floating near the surface of the water, such as sediment and algae. Such variations could cause slight disruptions to paths of propagation, but nothing like random wide-angle scattering. The martian atmosphere, I believe is made up of larger particles (96% CO2 on Mars, 78% N on Earth) so jonah’s 3/24/14 post doesn’t make sense. The Mars surface stratosphere is ~100 times less dense ( 0.02 kg/m3 vs 1.217 kg/m3) though and thinner than Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps this suggests a better path to explore to explain why mars sunsets are blue.

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In fact, the most common eye color throughout the entire world is brown, according to an article in World Atlas. Specifically, 79 percent of human beings have eyes the color of coffee and chocolate, dwarfing every other eye color as the dominant phenotype. Next we hit the cone cells of the eye, which contain pigments that act as filters for three overlapping bands.

Thus, the midway point between the peak at violet and the peak at red isn’t a peak at green; it is, rather, a more or less flat spectrum. It could have enough of a peak in the middle to appear as pale green, or enough of a trough to appear as pink, but there’s no reason to expect a bright green . @Spero It also has to do with the peak spectral sensitivity of each of the three types of cones in our retinas.

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