There you will choose the available download method. Here are some high-quality screen captures, specially selected for You to preview this daily uninterrupted game. However, you cannot capture your opponent’s coin if it is positioned on safe zones. The safe zones latest verson of Ludo Game are colorful squares; each pocket has 2 safe zones—one with arrow and the other with star. Moreover, they prolong the game and make it difficult for the opponent to restart the journey of killed coins. This is probably the most thrilling and tormenting aspect of Ludo game.

This particular game is two of the best experienced Ludo players around the globe. You will get to compete against other players in order to be the king in the leaderboard. Apart from competing against other players in the Classic game board, you also need to compete against your friends by winning maximum matches in the game. Ludo has been played in India since the 6th century and was slowly adapted in the West around the 19th century. It’s a simplification of the ancient game Pachisi and involves racing around the board with four players.

Best Ludo Games For Android

Even Facebook gaming has included Ludo Club in its game section which is one of the most popular gaming app on Facebook. If a player catches a piece of another player, it is moved to the starting position and cannot move on until he/she has rolled a 6. Challenge your friends and family in this online multiplayer game and enjoy the online ludu for hours of fun.Create your own family to get and give help. One of the most important tips to win a game of Ludo is to think ahead of the opponent. You can do this by predicting 7 steps of the opponent and prevent their tokens from landing on yours. This step is important as not predicting or analyzing the opponent’s play style might end you going back to the home base.

  • Once the coin feature is ready you can earn coins by playing this Ludo game as well as you can buy with your cash and use that coin to bet with your friend.
  • The block will expire shortly after those requests stop.
  • Collect and upgrade unique player types, set your formation, then use your skills to gain promotion in this soccer ball game!
  • I badly lost most of the matches I played with him.
  • While online, you can challenge your Facebook friends and also play with random players worldwide.
  • The goal of the game is to move the pieces clockwise around the board and reach the “home” triangles.

With contemporary graphics, animations, sound effects, and advanced technology, we get the best forms of Ludo games on virtual platforms. We also incorporate robust security systems to ensure the players do not have to worry about data privacy or payment security. Our Ludo games are RNG certified to ensure that players enjoy random number generations whenever they throw the dice. Be it offline or online; the players can seamlessly play Ludo using our highly advanced Ludo game applications.

How To Make A Simple Ludo Board Game

Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Tokens were originally flat bone discs; modern materials are cardboard or plastic. A piece landing on a square with an opponent’s piece not only sends the opponent piece back to the starting area but also sends the landing piece to its home square. Some variations permit doubled blocks to be passed by rolling a 6 or 1. If a piece lands on the same space as another piece of the same colour, the moved piece must take the preceding space. Some specific geographic regions prefer the numbers 1 and 6, both to release a token from the starting space to the track.

You can always play multiplayer offline with friends and family. A Ludo game app can bring all the fun of the traditional board game to your fingertips. Ludo is a strategy-based game that involves two to four players. There are four colors or houses in the Ludo game – Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Each color or house will have four tokens or coins.

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